We are passionate about Science and Technology.
We are passionate about the human race.
We are passionate about emotions.

We devote our time to merging all the above to bring
it closer to us, but we also believe in a brilliant
and better future and we want to help build it.

We know we can do it, because we know how to tell
important stories. Stories that help people to
understand and be understood.
Stories that help to ease suffering and
transmit hope and illusion.

We are passionate about our work,
but we also feel a great responsibility.

Because we know that our work reaches millions
of souls and arouses concerns, gives hope
and invites reflection. We know we have
the power to change people’s way of
seeing things. To change lives.
To positively influence the future.
Freeze-frame from the trailer for
“Tarraco, 2nd Century”