The common factor in digivision's productions is that
they all deal with enthralling subjects of human
interest, magnificently combining education
with entertainment and the ability to captivate viewers.

With these characteristics it is no surprise that
these productions achieve large TV audiences and
are very profitable. For this reason digivision does
not find it difficult to find investors for its productions.

The companies that invest in our productions do
not always come from the audiovisual sector. They
also include companies from other sectors with a
desire to diversify their investments or who feel
a responsibility to assist in the promotion of
knowledge, culture and social responsibility.

However, reaching profitability is a slow and laborious
process, with the spirit and the quality of the production
taking precedence over a quick return on investment.

Any investor who is comfortable with this philosophy
and is not looking for a speculative investment will
find in digivision attractive projects in which
to invest and obtain satisfaction and prestige, as well
as a healthy return on the investment.
Freeze-frame from “Deep Field Holograms”