If cinema is the maximum exponent of emotion in
audiovisual production, then it is obvious that
digivision needs to incorporate the components
used to create the best cinema into its productions.

This means, among other things, using the same
technology and equipment used for the best
cinematographic productions.

However, producing documentaries using the
best cinematographic methods and resources is
very difficult in the face of the habitual and
abysmal difference between the budgets allocated
to the former when compared to the latter.

digivision has various strategies to make productions
with the best cinematographic quality on documentary
budgets. The secret is that in the world of
cinematographic production, technology and resource
costs are very high, meaning that equipment normally
has to be hired rather than purchased.

Not satisfied with this situation, digivision took
the decision to purchase the majority of the equipment
needed for its productions. This took a great deal of
time and effort, but now that equipment has paid for itself.

This allows digivision to maintain a very high and stable
rate of production, with considerable flexibility and
costs that are hard to beat.
From the filming of
“The Noble Trade of Construction”