Prestige documentary series are a
priority product for digivision.

However, digivision is open to other
types of project and occasionally cooperates
in the production of one-off documentaries.

Normally such productions are not internal
initiatives, but rather the result of a request
to participate in a coproduction or for external
assistance. At digivision we like to help
and get involved in this type of project, as long
as it is within the realms of our possibilities.

Examples include
“A History of Trades in the Building Industry”,
coproduced with Structuralia and with the support
of the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción,
and “Deep-field Holograms” coproduced with
Sawia Media and with the support of the
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones
Científicas (CSIC).
From the filming of “Tarraco, 2nd Century”