Prestige documentary series are a
strategic product for digivision.

Our preferred subjects are in the fields
of Science, Technology and Ancient History.

The documentary series allows the chosen subject to
be dealt with fully and in depth, as well as being
a product that is much appreciated by viewers and
consequently by TV companies.

These series, produced with elegance, rigour,
excitement and an epic quality, are aimed at
attracting the general public and high viewing figures,
thus making them profitable for TV companies
and investors.

digivision designs these productions ambitiously,
which means the costs are high. For this reason the
company seeks out the support of coproducers and
investors to bring them to fruition.

digivision is currently working simultaneously
on several documentary series.
Freeze-frame from “Ultragentle”
Produced for the
Instituto de Ciencias Fotónicas (ICFO)